Our Team

Sotiria Mostrou
CEO & Founder

Sotiria studied Chemical Engineering at BME Budapest and Process Engineering at ETH Zurich.

After her Master, she joined the Heterogeneous Catalysis Group of Prof. Jeroen van Bokhoven for a doctoral thesis. During this time, she developed the catalytic process that enables Biosimo to produce 100% sustainable bulk acetic acid and ethyl acetate. She graduated in January 2020 and joined J&J to lead an R&D project until 2021. Since then she is developing Biosimo.

Maximilian Moser
CTO & Co-Founder

Maximilian studied Chemical Engineering at TU Munich and ETH Zurich. He concluded his doctoral thesis in 2015 at the Advanced Catalysis Engineering Group of Prof. Javier Pérez-Ramírez. He worked as a business consultant in the Boston Consulting Group, leading projects in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. He is one of the Biosimo technology inventors and he is leading the research and product development.

Konstantina Ntrenogianni
Product Chemist

Konstantina studied Chemistry at the University of Patras and specialised at environmental chemical analysis. After her Master, she worked as chemist at the field of wine production and then at start-ups. At Biosimo she focuses on product development and quality control.