Biosimo's innovative approach to green chemistry marks a significant advancement in the production of sustainable bulk chemicals.


Harnessing the power of renewable resources, Biosimo utilizes plant-based ethanol derived from non-food biomass and biowaste. This process leads to the creation of pioneering platforms like Biosimo's flagship product: bio-based acetic acid.

At the heart of this breakthrough is Biosimo's proprietary heterogeneous catalyst and chemical process. Biosimo's process facilitates scalable, high-throughput production that significantly minimizes the carbon footprint of base chemicals.

Biosimo's technology is a cost-effective alternative to conventional fossil-based processes and a testament to the potential of sustainability in the chemical industry, paving the way for a new era of carbon-neutral solutions in green chemistry.


Phase 1

We feed renewably-source bioethanol with O2 into the reactor

Phase 2

Our patented catalyst turns the compounds into Acetic Acid

Phase 3

The raw product is processed through extraction and distillation and it undergoes strict quality control

Phase 4

The outcome is industry-grade, bio-based sustainable Glacial Acetic Acid

Sustainable chemicals for
a better future a greener future


Utilizing bioethanol, we produce completely fossil-free, sustainable chemicals and solvents. Same chemicals, now more eco-friendly and sustainable.


Our innovative chemo-catalytic process reduces energy consumption, ensuring an economical and stable process at the same cost as conventional production.


Our advanced technology is based on scalable and cost-efficient chemical unit operations, allowing us to reach similar sizes as fossil-based productions while having the lowest up-front investment among bio-alternatives.


We currently offer industry-grade, sustainable bio-based acetic acid, with plans to expand our environmentally-friendly product line to include bio-based acetaldehyde and ethyl acetate, with more being developed in the future.

Biosimo is a startup specializing in the production of chemicals from renewable sources, focusing on innovative catalytic processes for efficient bio-acetic acid and acetyls production.






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