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Biosimo is a startup specializing in the production of chemicals from renewable sources, focusing on innovative catalytic processes for efficient bio-acetic acid and acetyls production.

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Our Mission

To replace traditional chemical production methods with innovative ones that are economically viable and environmentally responsible, striving to make sustainability accessible to every business and individual.

Our Vision

To pioneer sustainable chemistry for a healthier planet and economy.


At Biosimo, we produce and sell renewable chemicals to substitute fossil-based chemicals in our global value chains.

Our technology is based on the oxidation of bioethanol with the help of the Biosimo heterogeneous catalyst in continuous flow.

Meet the team

Out team members

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CEO and Co-Founder

A seasoned entrepreneur and chemical engineer with a Doctorate from ETH Zurich, Iria is the principal inventor of Biosimo's technology and an expert in catalytic processes.

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CTO and Co-Founder

With a Doctor of Science from ETH Zurich and experience in business development, Max brings expertise in catalysis engineering and technical catalyst development to the team.

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Chief of Staff

Balakrishnan is integral in orchestrating strategic initiatives and aligning internal objectives at Biosimo, working closely with the executive team to drive key projects and streamline processes to achieve the company’s strategic goals.

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A chemical engineer  and master Student at ETH Zurich, Mattia is supporting the technology development and optimization.

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Torsten, former President of Sulzer Chemtech, brings extensive experience in chemical technology, sustainable technologies like bio-based products and decarbonization and management to drive Biosimo's sustainable innovations. 

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Marco, Senior Partner at McKinsey, expertly led its Operations Practice in EEMA, focusing on sustainable operational strategies across key industries including chemicals.

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Chief Happiness Officer

Delia is our Chief Happiness Officer, keeping up motivation, inspiration and happiness to ensure maximum productivity!

Our Story: Timeline


Dr. Sotiria Mostrou developed the process for continuous large-scale production of acetic acid from bioethanol during her doctoral research at ETH Zurich.


Dr. Mostrou, with the scientific support of Dr. Maximilian Moser, invented an innovative catalyst, contributing significantly to the foundational technology of Biosimo.


The technology's stability and scalability were demonstrated during the Bridge PoC (Innosuisse and SNF fund).

The business case for Biosimo was developed by Dr. Mostrou and Moser, with support from Anil Sethi and the Venture Kick accelerator.

May 2022

Biosimo AG was officially incorporated, with Dr. Mostrou and Moser as shareholders.


Biosimo achieved proof of concept and created an MVP for acetic acid.

The company closed a pre-seed funding round, securing about CHF 1 million in various forms of funding.


Biosimo commenced its first sales and initiated discussions for pilot projects with customers.

The mini-pilot plant was built and commissioned.

Biosimo began to focus on specialized acetic acid-based products and secured LOIs for significant quantities of standard specification acetic acid.

The company is currently engaged in fundraising for a CHF 3.25 million seed round.

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